This database is a joint project between nexxar and Message Group.

nexxar is dedicated to the conception and implementation of online reports. Since the company’s founding in 2003, we have published more than 500 HTML reports – primarily online annual and sustainability reports. As one of the internationally leading agencies for digital corporate reporting, we serve clients from all across Europe and beyond. With a high degree of precision and sophisticated processes, we are specialised in the needs and requirements of corporations. More: www.nexxar.com

MESSAGE is an Italian company which works on online IR and digital Corporate Communication. MESSAGE helps its customers, mostly industrial and financial groups with international operations, to effectively address their stakeholders and communicate their brand through the digital environment. MESSAGE designs and builds listed company corporate websites and investor relations websites, designs and builds annual report websites, develops Investor & Media mobile applications, provides video communication and social media strategies. More: www.messagegroup.eu

The online reports database contains reports which are available as web (HTML) report. Here you find a short description of the categories and definitions we set for the database:

Report Type

  • Annual Report
  • Integrated Report
  • Sustainability Report

Online Reporting Approach

  • Full HTML: All content of the report is available in the HTML version
  • Hybrid HTML: Some content of the report is available in the HTML version, some only in PDF
  • HTML Super Summary: Only a short overview of the report is given in the HTML version

Year of publication

  • The year of which the report is giving information. If the report ranges two years (e.g. 2014/15) the latter is used (2015).